Hack Tool 20 Error Solution!

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Hack Tool 20 Error Solution! Empty Hack Tool 20 Error Solution!

Post  Flame on Fri Jun 27, 2008 6:09 am

*** MOST important thing (the one that, after all the stuff i tried was still missing and, in my case, was making this error)
But just do this after you try the other things above, cause this should be your final resource...
-> You CANNOT have AVG neither AVAST installed in your pc...(dunno if there's another one that causes the error, but as far as my own experience let me know, only these 2...)
Ye people and don't even try to just stop its activity or disable when you try to login... you MUST uninstall it and reset your pc, then try logging in the game...

Normal stuff:
1st Step: Maybe if you fully updated your rose (v.162 i think) it may be causing it. Try the other client (I forgot whats it called).

2nd Step: go to C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc and then look for the "hosts" file...
You can try it out in 3 ways...

1st-> after the lines starting with # (for those who dont know this yet... these lines are only for information, this is like something you add just for you to know, your pc won't read or recognize anything in these lines) add the following: localhost nprotect.roseonlinegame.com update.nprotect.com

2nd-> Just paste this line if the first metod doesn't work (you will see if it works after i finish all the instructions) nprotect.roseonlinegame.com

3rd-> Just delete the damn file and see if it works (my friend did this and it was working normally xD)

3rd Step: For this error DON'T install any of the files (gameguard, trose.exe, etc) Just think about it if you're experiencing another kind of error, and post it here before doing it, maybe i can help... =D
This is more like an advise and for those who tried this tutorial on the folder they already had...

AFTER THIS RUN ONLY THE FILE: SROSE LAUNCHER.EXE if the hacking tool error is still there, try 1st uninstalling your AVG or Avast (probably whats causing the error) if you haven't done it yet... and 2nd if it still doesn't work try installing Toxin's client...

Pobably it will work this way =]
Hope This tutorial can help you guys... anything just post here and I'll try to help you with what i know =]



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Hack Tool 20 Error Solution! Empty Re: Hack Tool 20 Error Solution!

Post  Guest on Fri Jun 27, 2008 9:54 am

Wow, what a nice and helpful post. Thanks for posting this. I am sure this will help lots of people Wink
I really appreciate it.


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