Just Some Ideas. :] Post your own one's too ^^

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Just Some Ideas. :] Post your own one's too ^^

Post  Felxion on Mon Jul 07, 2008 4:50 am

Hey everyone,

I have went through all day today without playing rose affraid affraid affraid and I (for some reason O.o) started thinking about small ideas that could be used or give other's better ideas as to help towards the server. ^^

Firstly I strongly believe that this 'restart' that might take place should be done to make the server have far less bugs. If people are deciding to quit because their character is being lost and all the effort it took them, then I believe that there should be a double experience for a couple of days (or 1 week) or just have it as an weekly/monthly event where 1 day/week will have a slightly higher rates for a little while to stop people from quitting as I believe that people quitting is a bad sign D= but I think this 'restart' should really be done.

Also I have an idea about a sort of competition where people can give their idea's into helping the forum and server by people showing of their talent. For example: There could be a competition for best picture advertising MegaRose II and whoever wins could have their picture on the front page. I really like this idea as it gives people a chance to show of their talents with Photoshop and other software and their imagination. Also whoever wins, It could give them a nice feeling that they helped contribute to the website and helped Agony and the other GM's Razz.

This server is increasing it's members everyday, I have noticed, so i'm sure a quite a lot of people are talented at photo editing and have great imaginations. I for one have no talent with Photo editing but can have a pretty wild imagination xD Razz.

Remember people that these are just ideas which might not happen so please don't get your hopes up. Razz
However if you like any of the ideas and more people agree or a GM likes them i'm sure it may happen. Razz

Thanks for reading Razz,

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Re: Just Some Ideas. :] Post your own one's too ^^

Post  Nightvortex on Thu Jul 10, 2008 10:32 am

Good Idea. I for one could enter in the graphic related contests but.. I think Trendy is better than me and my skills in GFX have just dropped as I've not Photoshopped in a long time. Maybe I won't use photoshop.. MS Paint Wink This post is sort of related to mine on 'renewing' the forums. This one focuses on ideas and creativity which I think is very original. I really do hope the GMs approve of them. This could bring together members and form a bond with the members of the game, GMs and Players Alike. I mean, better understanding means better gameplay no?

You're Welcome.

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Re: Just Some Ideas. :] Post your own one's too ^^

Post  Athene on Thu Jul 17, 2008 8:43 pm

maybe i could try and make one other then i CANT LOG INTO ROSE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! LIKE WTF?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! it keeps saying cant connect then rose closes then a popup says rose is undergoing scheduled maintenance DOES ANY ONE HAVE A CLUE ON WHATS GOING ON?! but when im able to get on ill take a few screenshots and make yall a banner... Smile


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i know a idea!

Post  Quyen! on Sun Jul 27, 2008 6:46 pm

welll... the admin or gm who let the server going online or offline should say what he/she is the most time so you know wich(dont know how to type)time you have te most chance (dont know so many from english)to lig in and play maybe usefull( i dont know where i should place suggestion or question...) hopefull this will help others and me Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation cheers cheers cheers !!!!!!!!!!!!


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Re: Just Some Ideas. :] Post your own one's too ^^

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