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Post  Felxion on Sun Jul 13, 2008 7:48 pm

Hey people ^-^

BreadHunterz here ^^

Just been thinking and a very well (pictures included) manual on how to set up and connect to this awesome server to meet some awesome people!! (excluding me Razz)

1. Click [Here] To download the game client please save it instead of clicking run as if there is an error you can revert back to the installer rather than downloading again.

2. Next Download the GameGuard Patch [Here] and the Launcher [Here].

Note: For FileFront and other websites to download the Gameguard patch and Launcher, Please scroll to the bottom of the page ^^.

3. Once The rose client has finished downloading, find where it has been saved, Run it.
How to connect... Step1il6
How to connect... Step1il6.a6ac5bbbb4

4. Now go through the Rose Online Wizard, These pics are here to help ^^.
How to connect... Step2en7
How to connect... Step22ou6
How to connect... Step23uy6
How to connect... Step24qa6

5. Next DO NOT run Rose Online, Right click the icon which should appear on the desktop as:
How to connect... Roseevoiconyt7

Then Click 'Properties' then 'Find Target...'

If the icon isn't on your desktop then it should be in 'My Computer', C:\Program Files\Triggersoft\Rose Online Evolution

6. In That folder Run 'Triggerdetect'
How to connect... Step3za1
How to connect... Step4iy5

Click Apply. (Don't close the 'Rose Online Evolution' Folder)

7. Wait for the game to update. (This may take a while)
How to connect... Step5yp4

8. Once updated, Click 'Play Game' To test if Rose Online Evolution works and is installed properly.
Note: You won't be able to Login due to the server still being connected to official server, Unless you have an account with the official server and is still paid for Razz
How to connect... Step6un0

9. Next (After you close the game from the log in screen), Extract the Rose Launcher into the Rose Online Evolution folder using 'WinRAR' Which can be downloaded free from their website via Google. (You can use any Extracting software)
How to connect... Step7dd0
How to connect... Step72vy8

10. Do the same to the GameGuard Patch too and overwrite all files.
How to connect... Step8fv0

Note: Once the GameGuard Patch has been extracted create a shortcut of the 'Rose_Launcher' and place it on your desktop. ^.^
How to connect... Noteshortcutlh9

How to connect... Step9op8
11. Once all that is done you SHOULD be able to connect to the MegaRose Server.
If there is an error saying anything about a Maintenance break or server down etc it will be because the server is offline, as it is not 24/7 but you would be pretty unlucky (Like me) to sign up when the server is off as the server is on a lot everyday.

12. Enjoy the server, Ask any of the GM's for help to connecting to server if this didn't help or in-game if you need items.

And Last but not least Here is a picture which I have set as my background because it is just awesome and it is for all you people that managed to go through my painstakingly long tutorial ^^
How to connect... Awesomedk8

Also: If anyone has serious problems after this topic and has went through the whole forum, I do not mind hosting my entire Rose Online Folder on to a Hosting site (Rapidshare preferably as I have access to a premium account) but this leads to free users being unable to download at once, Unless anyone knows of a Hosting site where people can download 1.14Gb without paying and is quick Razz.

FileFront - Launcher :;11117606;/
FileFront - Gameguard Patch :

Thanks for reading ^.^

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How to connect... Empty How To Connect (For All New Comers)

Post  MrTrend on Sat Oct 18, 2008 3:59 pm

This is a really great guide for connecting to the server! But as u know all world servers are down for Mega Rose II... I will be working on a new server with Near and it should be up soon!

Again in all of my other posts about the world servers, please do not PM about it because I will not reply! I will keep u updated on the status of how it's going, where it was, blah blah blah in the Server Info. section.

1 last thing: I would like to apologize to everyone after I left! It was mine and an ex-GM's fault I guess =X For all GM's that were around after I took my admin position knew that I would be the new hoster for Mega Rose II... That will finally happen ^_^

Trendy (It's Great To Be Back!!!)

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How to connect... Empty about the connection topic

Post  denis95 on Wed Nov 19, 2008 6:25 pm

nice explanasion Exclamation

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How to connect... Empty reporting reporting

Post  hazard785412 on Fri Aug 14, 2009 7:42 pm

excuse me but the launcher download is dead and all the links for the launcher is dead too


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How to connect... Empty Hey Add New Download Expired Download plz *-* *-*

Post  gabi12 on Wed Sep 23, 2009 10:00 pm

Hey Add New Download Expired Download plz *-*

By : gabi


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How to connect... Empty Laucher LInk Has Dead !!!!

Post  cali10987 on Sun Nov 29, 2009 7:45 am

PLs Re upload it .........ty Suspect ASAP!!


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How to connect... Empty Re: How to connect...

Post  Zwodo on Sun Dec 13, 2009 7:26 pm

guys megarose isnt existing over a year already ^^


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How to connect... Empty New High Rate Server

Post  Zwodo on Sat Dec 26, 2009 5:23 am

Hello, since many people still read that here, Iīll give you a link to my new server.
Rapid Rose is my server called, and itīs brand new!
You still have the chance to be one of the first players, and receive a reward for being one of them!
Check it out =)


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How to connect... Empty Re: How to connect...

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