Ok. Im deleting unwanted Topics >.>

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Ok. Im deleting unwanted Topics >.> Empty Ok. Im deleting unwanted Topics >.>

Post  Near on Wed Sep 24, 2008 3:01 am

Im deleting topics.. Because I have the Powah and I also am Bord. >.> Server Is Closed. ok. :3 -.-; Whoever New And Needs To Know Why the hell the server isnt up and running bleh bleh.. sorry for all the new people, I know you were counting on us to be succeeded people and online 24/7 and with a good ADMIN but apparently we dont have one >.< that ass tart. Anywho.. Since I r mod.. I have to clean up the forums. :3 okayz..

XD *we are gaining players like crazy* *NEAR CRYS* Sad

Ok. Im deleting unwanted Topics >.> Nearsigmv1
Ok. Im deleting unwanted Topics >.> Misamisa22
The Darkness of your soul, corrupts me.
Burness of your eyes taints me.
But although you cannot control me.
You will never win because however much,
power you use on me
Your soul becomes dead,
And I become alive, once more.


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