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Post  Haetinger5 on Tue Oct 28, 2008 5:20 pm

Hey, xD. I don't hope that you guys remember me (Even I don't remember the exact name that I was using when I was playing Mega Rose when it was Online, I think it was Tao Shen, or Tao-Shen, or something like that xD), but anyway, I hope that the New Server be on Line, cuz I stopped playing the Old R.O.S.E. because it was Offline xD. I'm very ansiety for it (sorry, my english is bad).
Please, notify me when it turn On xD.


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Post  Near on Sun Nov 09, 2008 10:03 pm

Yo, Hate to tell ya the truth.. remember guardian.. XD

Well.. Since she can't tell meh what to do on her little old forumz, cause she banned me from it.. >.> and she said if I come bk to her forums again well she will shut down her server. >.>

Well I found something out by little miss guardian, since she likes playing as A SHE ingame..

well hers' a KNOWN fact thats a HE!

here ya go:

Go through that album =P

Server Back Up Nearsigmv1
Server Back Up Misamisa22
The Darkness of your soul, corrupts me.
Burness of your eyes taints me.
But although you cannot control me.
You will never win because however much,
power you use on me
Your soul becomes dead,
And I become alive, once more.


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