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Question marktz Game+Server ?? Empty Question marktz Game+Server ??

Post  Happy2Gether on Thu Jul 03, 2008 1:40 pm

so i'm new here.
i"m actuly a ****rose player.i played it for a couple of weekz and still do.
but that doesn't stop me from searchin' to better and greater "gameplay".
now thiz lookz like its a small comunity right? iz there a way that i can see how maney ppl are playin' at the moment ?
or how maney registered? how maney ppl are u hopin' for? how much can the server take?
i read that the server is located in belgium is that still acurate?
iz it ment for only europ player? or country based? (i myself i'm from belguim.)
seeing how thiz iz a second megarose.i have questionz about why the old one died?

now about the game thingz.
i fail to see why u arn't allowed the sumon? u do mean phatomswordz or elemantal aswell right?
and the reborn thing i dont get what means i understand the concept of hirin' a hitman or something
like that but everytime u get killed u have start over or u just loose some xp?
but that reborn thing what does that do then?
and are we allowed to dualclient?
will the drop and xp rate stay like thiz forever?

oh right almost forgot Smile
thiz iz the main page right?2in1 forum and gamepage Smile

should any of my questions already be answered somewhere feel free to send me the link.
i've searched here and seeing how itz not that big yet i dont think i missed something Smile
and one more thing iz there a way we can donate?
so maybe one day u will have the posibilty too expand ur server?
make it all better& bigger. but if im correct the server are only a week up and runnin' so ppl will still join i ques.

anyway one who takes the time for readin' my crap and answer all or some of my questionz thankz in advance!

GrtzZzz .x.

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Question marktz Game+Server ?? Empty Re: Question marktz Game+Server ??

Post  Guest on Thu Jul 03, 2008 3:09 pm

It is a small community atm yes. We have people online ranging from 5-20 depending on the times.

Yes, atm the server is still located in Belgium, as I am hosting it. But the server is for anyo
ne to play, not interested in blocking out Ip's

The second Rose wasn't my server. I was a Gm on there. The server closed because of some reasons, I won't mention. And I decided to remake a new server so the old community there could continue playing.

Because I am hosting atm and when 15+ people are online. Summons start to create lag, thats why they aren't allowed neither are they so helpfull.

Reborn means that if you get lvl 250. You use the /reborn command whereby you get back to lvl 1 while keeping all your items and stats. With reborn you can keep on adding stats till a max of 5000. But for reaching that it takes LOTS of reborns.

The HeadHunterz exist for people who want to get revenge on someone or just for fun. Therefor you pay us the Admins/Gm's. And we kill the person for a certain amount of money, the bodyguard is someone that will protect you from people that will atk you.

If you get killed, you lose nothing. Maybe a little bit exp that isn't noticeable here. So don't worry. A dead isn't much in here as you lose nothing.

About dualclienting, I prefer that you people don't do it. As it will also create unnecessary lagg. + I don't see any reason why anyone would want to Dual client here.

The rates are for now 4000. I don't know if they might change or not.

About being this the Gamesite + Forum, yes. I don't like Xampp. So I am not planning to use it. Its more trouble than rewards..

Honestly, I don't accept donations.. I don't need them. I run the server mainly for the pleasure of you people, not mine.. As mileage items are easy to get from events and castle gear + carts are sold by Gms and Admins.
But if the server goes 24/7 then the hoster might request donations. But that will be decided then, so atm No donations.

I hope this answers all or most of your questions. If you need to know anything else, go ahead and ask.



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