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Full Stat Guide

Post  XionSolaris on Mon Jun 30, 2008 9:02 am

Ok guys there's been some confusion about how to build characters so I'm going to list ALL the stats and what they do, and what class uses them to an advantage.

STR = Strength: Increases HP, Max Carry Weight, Defense, Melee Damage, [Small amount fo ACC for Melee weapons.
STR Will boost Melee weapons damage, Including: Spears, Swords, Axes, Blunt/Hammers, Magic Rods [hitting damage] & Dual Wields.
Small amount boost for Cannons, Bows & Crossbows.
Usable By: Bourg's, Knights, Champions, Raiders, Visitors, Mages. [Clerics like STR for equiping Armor Shields]

DEX = Dexterity: Increase in Avoid, Combat damage, Ranged damage [less for gun/cannon], and un-equip damage. [USED to increase A-Spd, M-Spd]
DEX will boost Katar/Knuckle, Bow, Crossbow.
Small amount for Dual, Gun?.
Usable by: Raiders, Scouts, Visitors.

INT = Intelligence: Increase in Magic/Spell damage, Mana Points [MP], Magic Defense.
INT Will boost Magic Wand damage.
Small amount for Staff Melee Damage.
Usable by: All classes, necessary for Clerics, Mages. Other classes that benefit from INT: Knights [For PvP Cleric/Mage, and Magic Def.

CON = Concentration: Increase in Acc [Accuracy], Crafting Success, [Small critical hit boost], HP and MP regeneration rate.
CON will boost: Gun, Cannon/Launcher damage.
Small amount to Bow, Crossbow damage.
Usable by: All classes, Necessary for Scouts, Bourg's, Artisans, Crossbow Scouts/Visitors.

CHA = Charm: Will boost Quest rewards, quest item drop rate [NOT RANDOM FARM drop rate].
CHA does not boost any damage.
Usable by: All classes with extra SP

SEN = SENSE: [The most important stat] will boost Critical Hit rate, % of extra damage done by critical hit rate, crafting % of crated items, Amount of stats on crafted items, Magic skill damage [rumored for all call SKILL damage]. [Critical damage also increases with the higher level you obtain]
SEN will boost small amount to ALL ranged weapons [Guns/Cannons, Bows, Crossbows] [[Not wands]]
Usable by: ALL classes.

I hope you find this very informative.
All information is tested and proven, except for the ? stats/effects.

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